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Gulf Medical
This division is the backbone of Gulf Corporation Technology and Gulf Pharmacy & General Stores.
Pharmaceutical Division
The retail outlet of Gulf Pharmacy & General Stores located in a prime area near Tubli.
Gulf Consumer
Consumer Products Division is the leading distributor to all Supermarkets, Hotels, Hospitals.
Gulf Real Estate
Real Estate Division is the leading real Estate company in Bahrain.

Medical Scientific

Mr. Reggie D'Souza, General Manager operation for both Gulf Corporation for Technology and Gulf Pharmacy & General Store.

This division is the backbone of Gulf Corporation Technology and Gulf Pharmacy & General Store. We handle A-Z items needed for Medical, Scientific and Educational sector, as well as Professional Institutions including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, universities, school and industrial units among others.

Our long commitment in the business and the trustworthiness created in our business dealings both with our customers and principals has endowed us exclusive distribution network on the entire island for prestigious companies all over the world.

A team of experienced and dynamic sales and service personnel headed by the General Manager is on the alert to cater to any demands in this area, from capital equipment to disposables and consumables. They undertake market surveys, promotion, sales and services, including after sales support such as installation, training, commissioning and maintenance. We handle turnkey projects in this line, and enjoy a proven record of accomplishment.

  • Medical Equipment
  • Surgical Dressings & Disposables
    • Dental Equipment & Supplies
    • Diagnostic & Lab Equipment
    • Lab Furniture
    • Imaging Equipment
    • Science & Engineering Educational Equipment
    • Hospital Furniture
    • Environment & Research
    • Analytical & Industrial Equipment



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Radiology & Imaging Equipments    
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Sonosite, UK www.sonosite.com
Medical Equipment and Supplies    
Baxter Healthcare USA www.baxter.com
Boston Scientific USA www.bostonscientific.com
Edward Lifesciences USA www.edwards.com
EMS Physio UK www.emsphysio.co.uk
GE Healthcare, USA www.gehealthcare.com
Hill-Rom industries USA www.hill-rom.com/uk
Hospital Metalcraft UK www.bristolmaid.com
Hygiene Products Industries Kuwait www.shic.com.kw
Invacare Corporation USA www.invacare.com
Jamjoom Medical Industries KSA www.jamjoom.md
Johnson & Johnson global Surgery & Orthopaedics USA www.jnj.com
Keeler UK UK www.keeler.co.uk
KLS Martin, Germany www.klsmartin.com
Laerdal, Norway www.laerdal.com
Macquet Cardiopulmonary and Cardiac Surgery Germany www.maquet.com
Medela, Swiss www.medela.com
Medistim As. Sweeden www.medi-stim.com
Ohio Medical, USA www.ohiomedical.com
Otopront, Germany www.otopront.de
GN Otodynamics, Denmark www.otometrics.com
Quanta Laser system USA www.quantasystem.com
SLE, UK www.sle.co.uk
STERIS AMSCO USA www.steris.com
Teleflex Medical Willy Rusch , Pilling , Hudson Germany www.teleflexmedical.com
Zoll Medical, USA www.zoll.com
Lab Diagnostic Equipment and Supplies    
Abbott Diagnostics - Hematology Germany www.abbott.com
Abbott Point of Care Germany www.abbottpointofcare.com
Biomerieux Sa France www.biomerieux-diagnostics.com
Macherey Nagel Germany www.mn-net.com
Medical Wire & Equipment UK www.mwe.co.uk
Abbott Diabetic Care UK www.abbott.com
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Oxoid Ltd UK www.oxoid.com
Pall Medical UK www.pall.com
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Stago Diagnostics France www.stago-us.com
Thermo Fisher - Shandon, Forma. IEC, Jouan, Richard Allan Scientific, Jewitt, Nalge Nunc, Barnstead Thermolyne USA www.thermofisher.com
Dental Equipment and Material  
Adec International USA www.a-dec.com
Dentsply Ltd UK www.dentsply.com
Kavo Gmbh Germany www.kavo.com
Metasys Gmbh Germany www.metasys.com
Straumann Swiss www.straumann.com
Megagen Korea www.imegagen.com
W&H Dentalwerk Austria www.wh.com
W&H Sterilisatoren Italy www.wh.com
Geistlich Pharma AG Switzerland www.geistlich-pharma.com